“Learning with GEA helps me better understand the international oil and gas health and safety environment best practices and standards”

Hascaryo R. Kusumo, SKK Migas Employee

“GEA English training helps my team communicate with our English-speaking expatriate clients and assists our business in general”

Ariani Oelandari, owner of Primeland Property

“All our staff really enjoyed studying with GEA, and it has really helped us to improve dealing with English matters thus strengthens the overall performance of our firm”

Radhitya Yosodiningrat, lawyer at Henry Yosodiningrat & Partners

“The training program that GEA delivered reminded us again of the principles of formal communication in written English. This really helped our team in maintaining the quality of our work products”

Genio Atyanto, Managing Partner of Nasoetion & Atyanto Law Firm

“GEA has really helped me increase my confidence, especially in translating documents and finishing my tasks at work”

Niken Novianti R., PLN Enjineering employee

“Our classes with GEA have been awesome and I am really happy with my employees’ improvement. Now we feel more confident and fluent in speaking basic English to the children at Icare”

Tri Ananti Listiana, Icare Daycare founder

“The English lessons really helped me a lot, because I had a very good teacher and she was so patient to teach us all. My work requires me to communicate in English and after two study terms with GEA I am more confident now. Thank you GEA for kindly teaching us.”

Ahadi Setiawan, Corporate Secretary Permata Bank employee

“I think I’m very grateful to have this course as I’ve become more confident to speak English, and it’s really helped me to improve my reading skills. I have to read lots of scientific publications in my daily work and the course has really helped me. Thank you, GEA.”

Rahmaniah, Dr Biomed, Ditwas KMEIONAPZA BPOM employee

“I think this course is very good, and of course it has an impact on improving my English. The teacher is very smart and speaks like a native speaker. Thank you, Global English Academy.”

Wilia Indarwanti, Ditwas KMEIONAPZA BPOM employee

“Studying with GEA was a very enjoyable and useful experience. The sessions gave us the opportunity to practice English in all of its aspects like speaking, writing, reading, and listening. The trainers are friendly and fun, so we really had a good time in class. Keep up the good work, Global English Academy!”

Rekian Ratri Amaraviti, Prudential Agency Director

“Studying with GEA has been valuable in increasing my knowledge and understanding of the complexities of international trade administrations and communications. Modules cover several aspects of international trading such as letters, proposals, vocabulary, cultures, and negotiations. The instructors cover key facts in details while putting them into context using real-life examples. GEA has greatly assisted my career and business”

Isnandar, Kareem International Export Marketing Management CEO


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