About Us

Global English Academy is a streamlined in-house English training provider led by Rosie, a Business Communication and IELTS associate lecturer of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya who started her career as an English teacher with two leading English centres for public in Jakarta. She has a Bachelor’s in Engineering and a Master’s in English Education, in addition to Cambridge CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults), an internationally-recognised teaching certification.

We utilise a network of experienced teachers, trainers, and lecturers with Cambridge CELTA and Master’s qualifications at the forefront of the company, delivering high-quality teaching quality and exposure in each class while maintaining competitive course fees to the benefit of our corporate clients.

Trainings are delivered based on the two underlying principles of language learning: aspects and skills. This way participants are prepared towards becoming rounded users of English, improving all elements of their learning journey.

Training material is a combination of goal-specific & authentic hands-on activities. Internationally-adopted standards of textbooks & syllabi are used, tailor-made to best suit our clients’ specific training needs.

Language aspects consist of development in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and functions, as these are considered the backbone of a solid foundation of English knowledge, whereas language skills comprise improvement in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills of participants. A compilation of all these elements in every session ensures the increase of every individual’s English proficiency.

As proficiency refers to a good level of competence in language use, every training level, goal, and performance of the participants is referred to the Common European Framework of Reference, the internationally recognised benchmark of second language proficiency.

Our Clients

Corporate Secretary Permata Bank
Henry Yosodiningrat & Partners
Icare daycare
Kareem International Export
Nasoetion & Atyanto law firm
PLN Enjiniring
Primeland Property
PT Bumi Jambi Energi
PT Bumi Respati Nusantara
PT Bumi Ratri Diwangkara
SKK Migas


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